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Part of a group incorporated in 2008, MAK for Translation & Business Services operates in Dubai to serve its clients in the UAE, GCC countries and Middle East.

MAK is a leading services provider dedicated to providing solutions according to the highest standards in the fields of translation & interpretation, website localization, copywriting, events management, businessmen services, management services and marketing research and consultancy. Working hand-in-hand with our affiliates and strategic partners, we combine knowledge and expertise to produce incomparable quality and superior services.translationplugins

We are consistently committed to deliver outstanding services in the most efficient way. Having a strong record of accomplishment, we constantly innovate to find new and exciting ways in transforming quality services and accomplishing many things successfully at a very high standard.

We strive to continually improve all aspects of our business by keeping quality at the forefront of our thinking every day. Our approach to be the best in the industry by facilitating effective multilingual communications and delivering a great client experience is achieved by:

  • Meeting your expectations
  • Delivering the value we promise and that you expect
  • Providing fast, accurate and professional translations
  • Engaging the best possible resources
  • Helping you to make better decisions and perform more profitably by gaining better insight into your business
  • Acting responsibly in all that we do while adding value for our clients

 With extensive experience and insight into the needs and expectations of both public and private sectors, we have developed our capacities and skills to provide top-notch services in our fields of expertise.

Through our experience and competent teams, we seek to sustain our position as leaders in the translation & interpretation field, promote the event management industry and develop the marketing research practice in the UAE, GCC and Middle East.

Based on our wide-range experience and deep expertise in our fields of specialization, it’s easy to see why MAK is your number one choice. We are available to assist companies and individuals to leverage their business and make their life easier and enjoyable.